In the UK, there are a range of ways that the installation of Property Flood Resilience can be funded:

Privately Funded

PFR measures are often privately funded by homeowners and businesses who want to invest in reducing their own flood risk. Depending on the source of flood risk source and the type of property at risk, installing PFR can be costly. However, the reduction in damage, disruption, stress and insurance claims are hugely beneficial in the long run.

Local Council or Environment Agency Funded PFR Scheme

In locations that are at high flood risk or have experienced flooding very recently, there may be funding available from the local council or the Environment Agency to install PFR measures. Your local authority will be able to provide more information on any ongoing or upcoming flood risk management schemes that include the provision of PFR to properties at risk.

There are also often Government Flood Recovery Grant Schemes following major flood events.

Please contact the Environment Agency or your Local Council to find out if there is support available in your area.

Build Back Better

Launched by Flood Re, the joint initiative between the UK insurance industry and the UK Government to promote the availability and affordability of flood insurance, enables participating insurers to offer customers access to reimbursement costs of up to £10,000, over and above work to repair damage and loss caused by a flood.

The funds, which insurers can claim back from Flood Re, can be used to pay for the installation of flood resilience measures such as raised electrical sockets, self-closing air bricks, non-return valves, along with flood resistant doors and the replacement of wooden floors with waterproof tiling and grout. The scheme also covers the cost of surveys to understand the flood risk and potential mitigation of individual properties.

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