Property Flood Resilience (PFR)

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Property Flood Resilience

Property Flood Resilience, or PFR for short, is an important element of flood risk management and can be used to reduce the impact of flooding at your home or business.
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Helpful information and guidance to help you protect yourself, your home or your business before, during and after a flood.
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Find out if your local council is part of BeFloodReady by checking our online directory. Contact your local council about BeFloodReady, they may want to take part if they aren't already involved.
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Funding for PFR in flood affected areas

Funding and/or subsidies to support the installation of Property Flood Resilience may be available in flood affected areas of the United Kingdom.

There are a range of ways that Property Flood Resilience can be funded.

About BeFloodReady

Historically, flooding has had a significant impact on homes, businesses and communities across the UK. As climate change causes more intense storms and sea level rise, these risks are continuing to grow. Increasing the flood resilience of our homes and businesses is key to reducing the impact of flooding. BeFloodReady is your local source of information on Property Flood Resilience (PFR) and how to BeFloodReady.
Image showing a flooded street and flood water up to windows and doors
Flood barriers keeping flood water out of a home.

What is PFR?

Property Flood Resilience, or PFR for short, is an important element of flood risk management. PFR includes a range of measures that can be installed on a building, to reduce the risk of floodwater entering the property. PFR can also be used to make the inside of a property more resilient (also known as recoverability), minimising damage even if water does still enter the building.

PFR aims to help households and businesses reduce the damage caused by flooding, helping them to speed up recovery and reoccupation.

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