During a Flood

Who does what

During a flood, a range of different organisations have roles and responsibilities to manage the flood event

The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is responsible for issuing flood alerts and warnings and managing a flood event at the local, regional and national scale.


The police have a role in co-ordinating the emergency services during a flood event. They also help with the evacuation of people from their homes where necessary.

Fire and Rescue Services

The fire and rescue service are emergency responders, undertaking emergency evacuations and rescues. They also help to construct temporary flood defence barriers along watercourses and pump floodwater away from and out of properties.


The Local Authority are Category One responders. This means they must have plans in place to respond to emergencies and control or reduce the impact of an emergency. They also manage road closures and disruption to local services. They may investigate disruption caused by overflowing drains and sewers, and provide emergency supplies.

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