South West Climate Change Centre

Climate change is happening now, and will affect everyone. One of the biggest hazards in the South West is, and will continue to be, flooding.

The South West Climate Change Centre is a free interactive exhibition opening in October 2021 at the Heartlands Cornwall visitor attraction and World Heritage Site, near Redruth in Cornwall.

Heartlands Cornwall is a 19-acre Cornish Mining World Heritage Site and is a family friendly visitor attraction that embodies Cornish culture. Its open all-year round with all-weather entertainment venue for anyone and every can learn, explore, play and relax.

There is a mining museum and exhibition, diaspora gardens, a giant adventure playscape for kids, and everything is completely FREE to enjoy. Additionally, there is a large contemporary Café, a shop and indoor soft play.

The interactive exhibition shows the steps we can take as individuals, communities and businesses to slow the rate of climate change, and adapt to its impacts, particularly flooding.

There are two rooms to explore:

  • Visit the BeFloodReady exhibition and discover how to make your home or business more resilient to flooding, and how to be prepared in the event of a flood. While you’re here, see what a flood resilient home could look like, and watch the flood tank in action!
  • Visit the Climate Change Exhibit and see the role of carbon in our lives, and the changes we can all make at home and work to make a real difference. Play the interactive console to what could happen if we don’t act fast enough…

Centre Information

The South West Climate Change Centre is open
Monday to Friday
9.30am – 4.30pm