Funding for flood repairs and resilience are available for flood affected areas

There are a range of ways that Property Flood Resilience can be funded:

Privately Funded

PFR measures are often privately funded by homeowners who want to invest in reduction their own flood risk. Installing PFR can be costly, but the reduction in damage, insurance claims and stress are hugely beneficial in the log run.

Grant Schemes

Community schemes delivered by the Environment Agency and Local Authorities are funded by Local Levy and Flood Defence Grant in Aid. Your local authority will be able to provide more information on any available funding schemes.

There are also Government Flood Recovery Grant Schemes following major flood events.

Flood Risk Management Scheme

PFR is sometimes used as part of a larger flood risk management scheme run by the Environment Agency or Local Authority.

There may be funding support available from the Environment Agency or Local Council to support the installation of PFR in communities at risk of flooding.

Please contact the Environment Agency or your Local Council to find out if there is support available in your area.