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Your local source of information and guidance on how you can
be flood ready

With climate change, the risk of flooding from multiple sources is growing. Increasing flood resilience is an important step in reducing the impact of flooding.

BeFloodReady is your local source of information and guidance on how you can be flood ready.

How flood risk management
is evolving

In many locations across the UK, engineered flood defence schemes are the main way to reduce flood risk to properties and businesses. Many communities could benefit from an engineered flood defence scheme and there is a pipeline of schemes for the future. However, for a variety of reasons, this type of flood risk management scheme is not always the most suitable option for every location. Sometimes they aren’t technical suitable, and other times it isn’t the most cost effective. In the past this would leave communities remaining at risk and reliant on largely ineffective sandbags.

However, there are now other innovative and cost-effective ways to manage flood risk that can help protect people and property, reducing damage and increasing community resilience. As the climate changes, flood risk and flood management is also changing. Property Flood Resilience (PFR) measures provide opportunities for communities to adapt, prepare and respond to this increasing flood risk.

Supporting flood risk communities

Flood Resilience Pathfinder, funded by Defra, has been set up to increase awareness of Property Flood Resilience (PFR) across the UK. The Pathfinder aims to support flood risk communities and enhance the future uptake of PFR as a key part of flood risk management.

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